Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wild Thing

I finished another layout about Charlotte. This one focuses on the fully awesome hat she wore in Animal Kingdom.

Several people commented on its adorableness, to include our Kilimanjaro Safari driver, who was quite taken with her. Here are some pictures from what was quite possibly the greatest safari ride ever:

Creepy buzzard things. I find it so odd that they sit there with their wings spread.

Ankole cattle. Don't you wonder what he's thinking?

What a poser!

Cute baby twiga!

Twiga and friends.

Elephant bum.

A researcher. I thought it was hilarious when a lady in our jeep asked her husband if he was audio-animatronic.

Kinda looks like he's winking at me, doesn't it?


And some other animals we saw (not on safari):

Hungry gorilla heading my way.

Chowing down.

A Komodo dragon. Just chillaxing.

I loved the bat area. The others in my group... not so much.

Look, it's a Nemr.

And another.

Quite the little tiff between these two.

Don't walk away when I'm talking to you!

And my favorite... the mullet bird.


Haley said...

Wow. I love the layout and the photos. SO pretty.

Hoskins Family said...

I love the Gorilla photos!

The Empty Envelope said...

Charlotte is *adorable*. Great photos and captions! My kids are also fond of the bat section in the zoo. I think it's cause they're city kids. ;)

Kelly said...

Your little one is precious! I'm counting the days 'til we can take her to WDW :)

Jen Allyson said...

THis is awesome! I really need an animal kingdom of my very own. :)

Helena said...

What cool pictures! The layout is adorable.

Brandi and Nathan Webb said...

Wow those pics are really cool!

jennyap said...

Very cool photos!

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