Monday, April 6, 2009

Conversation at the Water Cooler

The following conversation happened just 15 minutes ago at the water cooler. The cast of characters: Me, Mandy, Joe and Kate.

[I begin filling my water bottle and dump a little bit of water into the reservoir.]

Mandy: That's not a drain, you moron.

Me: Oh well.

They have to empty that.


[Mandy begins filling her water bottle and water overflows onto her hand and into the reservoir.]

Joe: You still have your cap on, you moron.

[Kate and I begin laughing hysterically.]

* P.S. I cannot tell you how excited I was to find this cartoon, which so accurately depicts Joe as a black woman.


Regina said...

HI-larious. On so many levels.

I miss so much fun by not being in the office with you all!

Mandy said...

First of all, the "little bit" of water that you dumped into the resevoir was enough to almost completely fill it. (On a related note, I think it overflowed onto the floor a little bit when I used it. My apologies to Maria the cleaning lady.)

Secondly, I also laughed hysterically. So did Joe.

And finally, thanks for making me the petite blonde. Which one are you? The lady with the gray hair and glasses or the Amazon woman in the green?

marie said...

I loved Mandy's comment. It truly enhanced your very funny post!

PS. Poor Maria!

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