Saturday, April 4, 2009


A while ago I mentioned in this post that organization was something that I strive for, but rarely succeed at, at least in my personal life. I've decided that now is the time to begin to create a method for the madness that is my home.

Now this going to sound stupid, but I'm going to start with home decor. I know, I know - I really ought to begin by organizing my bills and paperwork, or my kitchen, or seasonal storage. But, I figure I should start with what I like best. My hope is that having rooms designed in a way that I like will be incentive for me to keep those places clean and organized.

I've already got lots of design ideas rolling around in my head and in my computer's picture folder, so my plan is two-fold:

1. I'll begin posting my ideas here. It's easy to flip flop on things and never move forward when you're the only one who is aware of just how much time you spend on planning your home's decor (in my case, a ridiculous amount of time).

2. I'll bring those ideas to fruition and actually make purchases and put things together. Novel thought, I know, but I'm really good at looking at things and never buying, and buying and never putting them together. Hence the full shopping cart I have at and the boxes from IKEA piled up in my dining room and guest bedroom.

So, we'll begin with the plan for the living room, which coincidentally is the room that is most desperate for a little organizational TLC (aside from the basement, which I pretend doesn't exist). Paint will remain the same Corn Husk Green (by Behr) that it is now. The navy blue IKEA sofa that is currently level 2 of the room's ridiculous stadium seating will be slipcovered in tan and become the main seating. Everything else in the room will be relocated to another room, or sold at a yard sale.

Here's what has been purchased/is going to be purchased for my living room so far:

1. Norelund Table from IKEA. An inexpensive option that is the two things I was looking for this table to be: round, metal. And I figure if I get tired of it and end up wanting to go with wood at some point, this will transition easily to my soon-to-be spacious laundry room (another plan that's been in the works for a while and not acted upon).

2. Dolce Chair from Target. I'll actually be getting two of these chairs to sandwich around the Norelund Table in front of the bay window. I like that they're armless and so could accomodate two people in a pinch. And, they got fantastic reviews by Target shoppers and pop up everywhere on the design blogs I look at.

3. Expedit Bookcase from IKEA. Turn this baby on it's side and you've got a fantastic sofa table with oodles of storage. I already have the white 5x5 version in my scrapbook room and know these things are worth their weight in gold when it comes to organization!

4. Knipsa Basket from IKEA. Four of these will slide into cubbies on the bookcase turned sofa table to hide things I don't want seen (ie. Mark's receipt collection, umbrellas, more receipts, tissue boxes, receipts -- noticing the trend here?).

5. Victoria Hagan End Table from Target. I love the circle detail and that it has three surfaces to put stuff on. And while it shows up looking cherry-colored in this pic, it's actually espresso -- very similar to the black-brown of the IKEA pieces.

6. Jennylund Chair from IKEA. I want lots of seating, so having three chairs and a sofa was a must. I'd initially planned on getting the Tullsta chair from IKEA, but Mark decided this one was more comfy. It'll be placed where our rocking chair currently is, with the Victoria Hagan table next to it.

7. Ofelia Rund Curtains from IKEA. You can't tell from the picture, but the curtains have a slight waffle weave pattern to them, which is why I chose them over their less expensive, but textureless counterparts. They'll flank the bay window, and will go over bamboo shades.

I've also already purchased two lamps and some knick-knacks that will be coupled with a wicker storage chest and large pie safe that we already own. Big things still to find: tv stand (we're tossing around the idea of just putting base cabinets down the entire wall), rug and wall decor.

So there you have it... the plan. Now let's see how quickly this actually happens.


Jo said...

Hope you get everything you want to done soon. The layout sound great. I really like the idea of the bookcase turned sideways. I'll have to remember that for the future. :-)


I really like your new plan. I am a big fan of the dark wood.

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