Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Confess

Yesterday I was reading some of the new additions to Post Secret to my mom and Amanda. Mom had never heard of Post Secret before, so I had to briefly explain that it's a place where people make secret confessions, some funny and light-hearted, others dark and desperate.

Today I realized that I myself have a confession to make. I've lived nearly 28 years and had little to confess about. But today I did something awful. Something horrible. Something truly heinous. Something I'd sworn to myself that I would never do.

Before I really let loose with my dirty laundry, I need to share a little background. Everyone knows I have a beautiful little girl. And everyone knows that she's just turned one year old. Reaching this milestone means she can start eating some adult foods (as if she hasn't been already). Her doctor suggests some variation of oatmeal, toast, etc with each meal, fruits and veggies at each meal, and one serving of protein at some point in the day.

So far she's done really well. She loves french fries, hamburger and apple juice (yes, she had a Happy Meal). She's big on grilled cheese, watermelon and yogurt. She really enjoys cake! But there have been a couple hiccups. She's not that into berry-flavored stuff (gives her a little rash), doesn't like cheese (how is this kid related to me?) and hasn't really gotten the swing of milk yet. Overall though, she's doing very well.

But, I digress...

Today after church we stopped at the grocery store to do a little shopping. Charlotte was due for a nap, but she was happily chatting to herself as we drove home, so we figured now was as good a time as any to stop in. We were wrong.

The minute her little bum hit the seat of the cart the screaming began. Mark and I tried to quiet her down, and at times she was calm, but it was peppered with random banshee calls. Yup, if you happened to be at Shoppers this afternoon and saw a cute little girl screaming her head off, and parents pretending to be oblivious, it was us.

We quickly ran through our regular aisles and then stopped in the baby section. With Charlotte's expanded diet I wanted to get some new things for her to try. But the screaming was making it difficult to concentrate. And that's when it happened.

I don't know what came over me. One minute I was pushing my cart along with all most of my wits about me, and the next minute I'd done the most despicable thing I think any parent can do. Sure, other people have done it before. Heck, my mother even told me it was ok. But I'd promised myself I would never drop to that level.

I bought my child Gerber Meat Sticks.

I know. I know. CPS should come rescue my poor child now. Clearly I am an unfit mother, and Mark an unfit father for not saving her from my moment of insanity. I might as well just feed the kid dog food.

And yet, in my pantry this pressed meat product sits, waiting for my little monkey to get her hands on it. My hope is that she'll despise the stuff and I'll be able to go back to a meat stick-less existence. But I have a feeling that won't be the case. She'll probably devour it, begging for more and I'll have to once again hang my head in shame as I load my cart with this more repulsive cousin of the Vienna sausage.

Woe is me.


marie said...

Ha Ha Ha!! I knew you'd cave! Charlotte's gonna love these!

Mandy said...

I can't believe you stooped so low. You should never stoop Katie! Never stoop!

Anyway, she'll probably love them.

Joan said...

Of course she'll love them! Go ahead, stoop! The rest of us are still alive (and old).

Heather J. said...

Hmm, I have my own confession to make. Kiddo loved Vienna Sausages when he was little. Amy J. from church suggested that I try him on them and he DEVOURED them. They are completely disgusting and I was horrified that I bought them but I kept doing it over and over. And they are cheaper than the baby food version, so if Charlotte does like them, you may want to buy the cans of Vienna Sausages rather than the Gerber brand. :)

Heather Arney said...

Wow, you have a little one who's almost a year old! So exciting! Last time I saw you, your little one had not yet entered the world... :) cute post!

Centsational Girl said...

Ha ha ha ha - I am so laughing at your desperation cause I've been there. Those Meat Sticks make me LOL. Motherhood is an adventure !

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