Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thanks A Million

Sometimes your family can drive you crazy and want to make you rip your hair right out. And sometimes they're awesome to have around and you can't imagine being without them. Today was one of the latter.

My mom and sister came over to help me blow up organize the mess that is my basement. The room is like an oversized junk drawer, so this was a real undertaking. Mandy's job was to watch Chuckles while Mom and I wrestled the beast.

We worked at it for several hours, being as ruthless as we could, and I'm glad to say that after tomorrow's trip to the dumpster and Saturday's yard sale you might even be able to walk through the place.

Afterwards we stopped by Double T for some dinner, made a quick trip to Marshall's (where I'm proud to say I did not buy anything) and ended up at Starbucks, where I got my new fave, the Iced Green Tea, Sweetened. Yum!!

So thanks for helping out Mom and Amanda. You're good peeps!


marie said...

That's exactly what it was! An oversized junk drawer!
You're very welcome by the way! I won't say anytime ~ but almost!!

Mandy said...

You're welcome!

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