Monday, May 11, 2009

Week Wrapup

In this post I listed all the things I planned to accomplish over the past week. Here's the update of how things went:

* Read Much Ado About Nothing - Done. Book Club is tomorrow and I'm prepped and ready to discuss and watch the movie.
* Check on sizing down the patio (since we hope to be moving) - Have a new appointment scheduled for next Wednesday to discuss sizing down, which doesn't seem to be a problem. In a related note, feel free to drool over the floor plans (Picasso) for the townhome condo Mark and I are eyeing. It'll have plenty of room for our family of three, as well as for friends who'll be coming over to Rock Band!
* Make the final arrangements with the fence company - Still need to call them to discuss. Shame on me!
* Have a photo shoot at Jacqi's with just Charlotte - Done. I should be getting the photos from Jacqi soon, and will be posting the best ones here.
* Put together the coat rack I'll be making from an IKEA As-Is Dept find - Done. Check it out here!
* Work on plans for Charlotte's birthday parties - Got some paper goods shopping done and began making a birthday banner for her. Tried to help my dad with backyard cleaning, but was thwarted by the rain. Need to talk to the family to square up meal plans.
* Tidy for the GMa's visit - Done as much as possible. Her room and the living areas are cleaned and I warned her not to step foot near the basement for fear of losing her down there forever!

So, all in all, a very successful week for me!

P.S. Any opinions on me putting links in blue? I'm trying to make it easier to tell that they're there, but don't want to make it difficult to read.


Mandy said...

It definitely sounds like you got a lot done. Good job!

Oh, and I like the links in blue.

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