Sunday, January 17, 2010

English Licorice

A while back I blogged about how I was planning to decorate my bedroom. Well, the quilt I was liking went on sale, so I ordered it.

I even had the decency to ask Mark if it was ok to get it (like he'd have said no). I'd shown him the quilt before, but I don't think he remembered it too well because when I showed it to him again he wasn't a fan. He said it reminded him on English licorice. I said I had no clue what English licorice was, but that the colors made me happy, so we were getting it.

He made me google English licorice.

He says I'll never be able to look at the quilt without thinking of English licorice. I said I probably could, but that the English licorice makes me happy too.

I wonder how it tastes. And I wonder if I can make a round pink pillow with a black dot in the center. Hmmm...


marie said...

I like this ~ for you ~ I would tire of it quickly.
You could keep a little bowl of licorice on Mark's nightstand!

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