Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Budget Bathroom Redo

Mandy and I (with help from Mark) have been working on redoing Kristin's half-bath. We promised this project a long time ago and while we've been slacking for a while, we jumped in on getting things done over the weekend. Since the only things we're keeping in the bathroom are the toilet and sink, the redo needs to be done on a major budget. Most of our purchases have come from Ikea, Home Goods, or my basement (thanks for helping me get rid of some stuff Kristin!).

So far we've stripped wallpaper, pulled up baseboards, painted the walls and swapped out the old light fixture for new. Now is when we can finally start to see how things will turn out. First, a little color inspiration:

The wall color is now Behr's Dried Palm, which I think should be called Honeydew given what it looks like on the walls. In a funny coincidence, it's almost identical to the color Kristin chose for her full bath. Following the green, white is the next biggest color player, showing up in the trim work, ceiling, toilet and sink and light fixture. We'll also pull in pops of terra cotta, pale blue and espresso. And now, for a little taste of the decor:

Everything was inspired by the Diane Knott Safari II print that we found on the cheap at Home Goods. Who wouldn't want a giraffe print bathtub? We'll repeat the giraffe print with a handtowel hanging from a new rod, with matching toilet paper holder and magazine rack (not pictured) and coordinating light fixture. We'll also be bringing in a brand new mirror, wastebasket and sandstone floor tiles. And a few hits of blue will show up in some washcloths and also in a Mandy original piece of artwork. It's sure to be the best part of the room!

So, wish us luck as we work to get this postage-stamp sized space finished up! I'll be sure to do a follow-up post with plenty of pics.


marie said...

It's coming right along. I'm looking forward to the finished product!

The Bright Side said...

Its awesome already!!! You girls blow me away with your taste and creativity. :) And glad I could help you get rid of some stuff, haha! I am excited to see the finished project too! Did you take before pics because I totally forgot to! (actually I did a long time ago, but my camera was stolen). Love it!!!

Kathi said...

Love your paint colors! I'm working on a dollhouse garden center and was looking for ideas for accent colors. I painted the exterior in Behr's dried palm. I agree that it should be called "honeydew" but I love it!
I like the blue and terra cotta you've chosen. These will be perfect for MY little project.:D Thanks for sharing.
I'm sure your bathroom will look great!

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