Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To Do List

Mark and I have lots of things to do around the house in order to get it prepped to sell, and with our condo association opting to make some drastic changes we're really revved up to get going with things. Here's a list of what needs to get started right away:

* Beautify the exterior of the house. We need to paint the bay window, paint the front door, trim hedges, do something with the backyard "lawn" and landscape in front. We actually added two trees and a bush in the front today, so aside from mulch and some flowers, that's done.

* Declutter, declutter, declutter. This one probably deserves about 12 bullet points since it's the biggest thing we need to tackle. I want to get rid of a ton and then put some things into storage. Renting a storage locker is on the short list as well.

* Contact a realtor. The community we want to buy in has recommended one that has worked with them in the past and we have high hopes that she'll be able to get them to accept a contingent offer from us. We're also hoping she can shed a little light on what things we need to update because a buyer will notice and what is fine as is.

* Get the little stuff done. There's some painting to be done, doors to be hung, a laundry room to be spruced up, etc. I've been mainly intimidated by this part of my to do list (along with the decluttering), but have been telling myself that I just need to get over it and start. Things will only get worse the longer we stay.

So, wish me luck as we start to try to really get moving forward. And just to keep this post from being overly boring and wordy, here's a couple inspiration photos that have to do with one of the real incentives we have for moving - to get a dedicated play room for Charlotte:


marie said...

Yes, Charlotte definitely needs one of those rooms! I love the four section photo!

Babies and balls are on my blog today.

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