Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

Following church this morning (the sermon was 'When Faith and Life Collide' - it's downloadable here and was really awesome), we headed over to my parents for Easter festivities with the family. As expected, once the kids understood the concept of collecting eggs, they were very into it.

All the babies enjoyed the sunshine and were so sweet with each other.

And with three moms and one gramma all wielding cameras, the scene looked like this most of the time:

We tried for a shot of the kids with their grandparents. Hopefully someone else snagged a good one, because the only one I have that's remotely in focus looks like this:

After she napped, we decided it was the perfect time to get photos of Charlotte in the tutu she got in her Easter basket (along with the pajama pants she got from Gramma).

She wasn't a big fan of the idea.

Good thing Daddy was there for a hug.

She did at least let me get one adorable photo later on (love it when she clasps her hands like that).

But my favorite sequence of shots... when she noticed me laying on the ground with the camera.

And came in for a (much) closer look.


Jo said...

Great pictures! They were all adorable during the Easter egg "hunt". Actually, what am I saying... they're all adorable all the time.

marie said...

awww....these are so cute. She sure loves her Daddy! I love the second one of Mark holding her.
She sure looks good in her tutu!

The shot of her seeing you with your camera is great too!

wholarmor said...

Cuteness! Looks like fun with a bunch of babies around the same age!

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