Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All About Moms

Mother's Day is fast approaching and I thought it'd be nice to post some etsy finds I think moms might like. So start taking notes of what you think will be perfect for your mom. You may even want to pass along these ideas to someone you know who may be having trouble thinking of things that his curly-haired daughter should get for her momma. I know, I know. Subtlety is my specialty.

For family-focused moms, a Custom Family Tree by cozy blue

For art-loving moms, the Mommy and Chicks print by joojoo

For photo happy mommies, a Reversible Camera Strap by Phat Straps

For blinged out mommas, a Fingerprint Heart Charm Necklace by Jane Wear

For knitting moms, a Mommy and Baby Monster Knitting Pattern by Danger Crafts

For moms with babies full of love, a Jar of Love No 19 Original Watercolor by golly bard

For sewing mommas (or moms who want to start sewing), an Urban Needle Book by Paper Fish

And a self-explanatory one, the Baby Mama Cross Stitch by See Jane Craft (not something I would actually want, but too hilarious not to include)

Whether you're a mom or not, what's your favorite item on this list? What else (found on etsy or otherwise) would you want to give/get for Mother's Day?


marie said...

I love the Paper Fish Etsy shop - lots of good stuff there!

Maybe I'll drop some hints to the daddy of the curly-haired girl!

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