Monday, May 24, 2010

You Absolutely, Positively...

Charlotte's birthday party is just a few days away so I thought it was high time that I shared her invitations with you (although just about everyone who reads this blog got one in the mail, so it's a little redundant, but whatever).

We're having a modified Charlie & Lola theme - modified in that I won't be plastering Charlie & Lola on everything, just styling everything so that it's similar to the awesome artwork in the books. Here's the design I came up with for the actual invite:

They were super simple to make. I used Microsoft Word to type everything out, then printed and attached some pieces of scrapbook paper to make the bunting. The envelopes were a little more involved:

The labels were also designed in Word, but they had to be printed on label paper, them trimmed and adhered. It's not shown, but the labels wrap around to the back side of the envelope, where the return address is printed. I just handwrote the addresses of our guests (Soren Lorenson has already RSVPed with a yes), slapped a stamp on them and mailed them off.

Be sure to check back as I reveal more of the party details!

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Mandy said...

I love the invites, though I haven't actually seen mine since Mom hid it somewhere. And I'm super excited about the party. I hope I get to sit next to Soren!

marie said...

I didn't hide it ~ it's on the bulletin board.
You can sit by Soren, I want to sit by Charlotte!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

How adorable!! I love the attention to detail...especially with the envelopes. :) Thanks so much for the visit to my blog. :)

Carlos and Janis said...

I wanted to thank you for posting about your Charlie and Lola party! I actually borrowed your invitation idea for my daughter's upcoming birthday party. The only change I made is that I put Charlie and Lola in the bottom right corner of the invitation. They were cute and so easy! Thanks a bunch!

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