Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The New Look

By now you've probably seen the new look of the blog. Don't you just love the rotating photos of that cutie up in my header?! I thought so. You're welcome.

But, have you checked out some of the new pages I've added? No? Well, let me point them out to you.

Right up there beneath the header is a row of links to some stuff I think you shouldn't miss. The first three I've circled are pretty self-explanatory. There's a home link for jumping back to page 1 easily. You know, should you decide that you need to read back over all my posts (booooring!!). Then there's a page all about me (very booooring!!) and a link back to my first post, in which I detail why the blog is named as it is.

Next up there's a link to Droolworthy Decor, the blog where I file away all the design ideas that pique my interest. Be on the lookout for an addition to this area - I've got another blog in the works.

And lastly we've got links to some other awesome stuff out there in blogland. Link Love is where you'll find a listing of some of the blogs I read, separated into handy categories. (And yes, I realize there's a ridiculous amount of them. It's a wonder I ever get anything done, isn't it?) Giveaways is where you can find info on some of the giveaways I've entered, along with links so you can go enter them too.

So are you liking the new look? You'd better say yes since it took me hours to get it to look this way!


marie said...

I like it very much!!

Valser said...

me too!

sarah said...

like the background :-)

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