Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Party Time

As promised, I'm back with photos of the kidlet's second birthday party. You'll remember from the invitations that the goal was to have a bit of a Charlie & Lola theme. That was only half-accomplished, mostly due to my procrastination. But we still had a great time. Here's the proof:

There was plenty of food, complete with baskets of nuggets and fries for the kids, fun toothpicks made by my mom, and Charlie & Lola straws made by yours truly.

You can see that the cupcakes we had waiting for dessert were a big hit. Kevin gave them a thumbs up and Joe showed his enthusiasm with a peeking smile.

Charlotte seemed to much prefer the corn on the cob though. She went so far as to steal some from Regina and some more from my brother Joe.

She was a very busy girl, filling her afternoon with playgrounds, eating, tunnels and bubble blowing.

Elijah seemed to enjoy the bubbles too, and Chuckles' older cousins even joined in on the fun.

Doesn't having those last two pics side by side make it look like Morgan was blowing the bubbles directly into Robyn's face? I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

While most of the group enjoyed sitting in the only bit of shade to be found at the park (see how we strung up the bunting along the roofline of the pavilion), Penelope made her daddy take her for a walk in the sun. Kevin loves the sun. Oh wait, that's not right. He hates the sun, but loves Penelope.

Gail and Bill were able to stop by and brought the dogs along with. For some reason these pics all ended up blurry (guess that's what happens when you don't shoot in automatic), but I love them nonetheless. Looks like we'll have to schedule another Charlotte and doggie play date so we can get some clearer pictures.

Then came the presents, of which there are too many to count and for which we are very grateful!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped celebrate with us, whether you were able to attend the party or not!


marie said...

Great job with the photos! The first group looks like they're staight out of a magazine!!
Charlotte looks like she had a great time and I know I did too!

Great post!

marie said...

Yep ~ it was all really GREAT!!! : )

Jo said...

Awesome pictures. I love the one of Charlotte eating corn and with her in the tunnel. Looks like the party was a success.

LDH said...

Outstanding pictures of a very dear little girl! I have immensely enjoyed many photos of your moms precious grandchildren! So nice stopping by!

Kindly, ldh

Libbie said...

I just came back to visit from your mom's blog again to see the party pictures! It looks perfect! I love Charlie & Lola! What a fun party & that bunting turned out just perfect...SOOO Charlie & Lola!

I love your photograhy too!

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