Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Some things I've learned in the past few days:

* Your husband will think you're strange if he wakes up from a nap and catches you eating spoonfuls of Nutella straight from the jar, so make sure not to run out of Nilla wafers to put your Nutella on.

* I like books. I like art. I really like books as art.

* Even though your child can say the word stuck without a problem, trying to get her to say truck will result in a bleep-worthy vocabulary.

* You should never let your current climate dictate your fashion choices. I mean, since when is 90+ degrees too hot for a parka?!

* Chick-Fil-A is not my fave, although this guy likes it enough to make a song about it.

* You shouldn't share Nutter Butters with your kid, because you'll catch Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease from her. And even though her only symptom was fever, you'll get the blisters in your mouth and on your hands. (Mark, not me.)

* It's never to early to start flirting with boys. Especially with boys who have cool rides.


Jo said...

Good lessons and discoveries. Poor Mark, I hope he feels better soon. Love the Parka in the middle of summer and trying to say truck, the best. Awesome.

BTW, my friends on the mommy board would eat Nutella like that all the time. I mean, why not?

marie said...

The "books as art" is pretty cool and I love the goes well with the jellie shoes!
I don't think I've ever tried Nutella. make sure to get soem vanilla wafers before my next visit...Mark already tinks I'm strange enough.
Feel better Mark!!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Too cute! Love that last photo!!

Jesse said...

LOL, too funny! You have such a cute lil gal! Feel sorry for your poor hubby, hope he feels better soon. =)

Libbie said...

Oh your Charlotte is just way too cute! Love the parka ...girls are picky about stuff like that! Good tip on the nutella...I LOVE that stuff :)

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Katie~
It's your Mom's blogging friend Joyce! I love your are so artful and clever. I don't want you to get worried that I'm some kind of stalker but I think your Charlotte is a delightful child. In her photographs, she always seems to me to be such a free spirit and I think that's cool! Marie always has cute pictures of all of the grands but your blog shows the true "Chuckles"...very refreshing! can I be a follower?
Hope your Mark is better soon!
(Nutella-it's great on toast, too...all warm and gooey! Don't tell WW)

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