Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To Do This June

Now that Mark and I have resigned ourselves to staying put in our current place for the next couple years I'm feeling more motivated to get stuff done around here. It's strange how fixing the place up for a better selling price isn't nearly as enticing as doing it for yourself.

I'm a procrastinator to the core and could definitely use some accountability to get stuff done. Enter you. My loyal readers. All seven of you.

Each month I'll be posting a to do list. I may or may not touch back on things throughout the month, but I'll definitely (with your prompting should I forget) be reporting back about my progress at the end of the month. The point of this exercise is that it be ambitious, but not be unattainable, so the list will be fairly short. With that said, here are the goals for June (which is already more than a week gone, so I better get cracking!!):

* Make the backyard useable. We're going to add a couple evergreens, some new perennials and a boatload of mulch. Because it's a small yard that needs to be kid-friendly and low maintenance, we've made the decision to mulch the whole thing. And we all know how much Charlotte loves mulch! That means we don't have to deal with grass seed or mowing. Yay! So the goal for the month is to lay landscape fabric and mulch, add the new plants and hopefully find a small picnic table for Charlotte.
Not how my yard will look (duh!), but a lovely photo nonetheless.

* Make major headway on the master bedroom. Way back when I mentioned that I purchased a new quilt for my bed. It's currently still in our guest bedroom. I love it and want to see it more often, so it needs to make it's way into our room. I've been holding off because I don't have curtains, end tables, a headboard, etc. There's a lot to be done, but the major issue for me is that I can't get past the total mismatch that would be my pillowcases and quilt were I just to throw the new quilt on the bed, so the goal for the month will be to find/make pillowcases to go with the new look and hang the plain white curtain panels that I have. I also hope to sand and paint the nightstands that I'm snatching from my parents garage.
I love some of these Paula Prass fabrics for pillowcases.

* Sort clothes to keep and get rid of. Mark, Charlotte and I all have clothes that are stained, worn, the wrong size or just not our style. I want to look through all of it this month and sort things as necessary. Some will be sold at a yard sale, some will be given away, some will be reworked (I've got plans to make a couple dresses for Charlotte from my old shirts) and the rest will be off to Goodwill. This one task will free up lots of storage space for us, and will hopefully make our rooms look neat and tidy.
Maybe if we get rid of enough our closets will look like this. Riiight.

* Get Charlotte bathing in a bathtub. We're lucky that Charlotte is a skinny girl because for her two years of life she's been bathing almost exclusively in our kitchen sink. Don't worry. It's a big sink. I mean, there's at least 4 cubic feet of space in there. Okay, so that's pathetic, although she seemed to enjoy it after her day in the sand! Regardless, I think it'll be better for all involved - baby, parents and Nanny Chrissy - that she start taking baths in a real tub. I've bought a new handheld showerhead, faucet cover and crate for toys to keep in the upstairs spare bath. So this month those things need to be put in place so that kid can bathe in style!
Vintage Chuckles in sink - circa April 2009.

Those are the goals for the month, so check back as I work to get my list done! We've got family visiting, sporting events to watch, birthday parties to attend, etc. Basically a lot of excuses, but none that I want to use. I'm amped to get things done and plan to report back with much success!

Photo Credits: WisDoc's Flickr Photostream, Mia Joie Boutique, Making It Lovely, Me


marie said...

Great idea for a post ~ I'll be checking back to see what you accomplish.

The fabric will look good with your licorice bedspread and I love the closet ~ wish mine looked like that.

Fortunately Charlotte has had some bathtub experience at her Gramma's house ~ she's going to love all the extra room!!

By the way, when did you take that beautiful photo of my garden? )Okay, I can dream, can't I?)

Jo said...

Those goals sound very do-able. Good luck with it all.

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