Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don't Miss

I haven't had much time to complete a lot of projects as of late, save for getting my house show-worthy, but have found time (shhh... mostly at work) to peruse the blogs I love. You can find a listing of them here or can just click the Link Love button below my header. I know not everyone dedicates as much time as I do to perusing the interwebs, so I thought I'd share some stuff you absolutely shouldn't miss. Just follow the links below...

If I could get married again, it would look like this
The most fantastic homemade treehouse I've ever seen
What the people in catalogs are really thinking
I may need to sign up since Christmas is around the corner
It's not fair that a pregnant woman looks this good
My next sewing project for Charlotte, but would work for a woman too
I've been bowling in formalwear, but have never done this
This cute printable could get even the least cooking-inclined (ahem, me) into meal planning
I hope Chuckles is at least half as funny as this girl
May need to see how this compares to Vernors
A video that is sure to make you smile:


marie said...

The wedding looks wonderful!
The pregnant woman ~ I agree with you.
Can't wait to see the plaid tunic for Charlotte!
I see an Ocean City trip in your future ~ complete with formal wear.
Marcel is very cute!

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