Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So much for my hopes of getting back to blogging soon! Life has been busier than ever. Between work trips, yard sales and getting my house show-worthy, life has been too hectic to blog about. And I've been too cranky to blog anyway. But I stumbled upon this quote at one of my favorite blogs and decided I had to share it. It's something I definitely need to take to heart:

"Happiness is a symptom of circumstance,
joy is a product of perspective."

I've got a lot going for me - an awesome family, great friends, and a nice place to live. Over this past weekend my best girlfriends and I shared some of our goals with each other. One goal in particular needed to be something intangible. I think it's no coincidence that this quote popped into my radar just after I shared my goal of being content no matter what house we ended up moving to. I often get caught up in thinking that I need this upgrade or that feature in order to be happy and forget that I can find joy anywhere, as long as my perspective is right.

Photo Credit: Atomicity's Flickr


marie said...

Great quote Katie! It's one we should all take heed of. Thanks for sharing it!

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