Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Frame It Up

I'm pretty sure I need this wallpaper in my life.

I'm not sure when or where it'll makes its appearance, but make an appearance it shall.

Perhaps it'll be like my version of Kristin's handprint wall, where all my friends sign in. Sadly that would only fill up about 7 spaces. Give or take.

Although let's be realistic, my friends aren't as careful obsessive straight up anal as me, so I could never let them touch the beauty that is this paper. Perhaps I'd let them sign some 1/18th of a cent sheet of plain white paper and just tape it in a frame. Hmmmm...

Seen on ohdeedoh and all over blogland.


marie said...

That is a VERY FUN wallpaper! Hmmmm...I wouldn't mind that making an appearance in my house.

Jo said...

That wallpaper would be awesome for a teenager's room... on one wall. I think it would become overwhelming if it was on all four though.

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