Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cutting Time?

Charlotte had an evening bath a couple nights ago. How can you say no to that sweet voice saying "Bubbles?! Bubbles!" over and over again? I managed to remember to pull out the camera to document the fun. She loves playing with cups, but since I didn't have any upstairs at the time, we settled for shaving cream and hairspray caps instead. Good times.

Apparently the water from the pink shaving cream cup tasted much better than the water from the black hairspray cup, since she always kept the pink for herself and gave the black to me. Yummy bath water tea party.

These pictures have me thinking. Is it time for Charlotte's first haircut? You know, just a little trim? The curls in the front are now hanging in front of her eyes if they dry going forward. And the curls in the back are totally uneven. Everything at the crown of her head is much longer than the stuff around the nape of her neck and it tends to dry funny.

I'm thinking of taking her to my sister's hairstylist, who coincidentally has curly hair herself. I'm fearful of one of the those kids haircut places lopping off all her curls. Especially with a Disney World trip (and therefore tons of photos) coming soon. Thoughts?!


Tara @ Tara Being Tara said...

I think you're right - but just a little trim to even everything up! Nothing too dramatic.

Jo said...

We used to take Elijah to Cartoon Cuts, but they never listened to me when I said don't cut his bangs too short. So after a few times I was like, forget it. This last time we took him to Great Clips and they did a fantastic job and listened to my plea for bangs that weren't a quarter inch long. I would highly recommend them, but no matter where you go, you should say your concerns before they start cutting and if at any point you think they are getting close to the length you want, let them know. I hope everything goes well.

marie said...

I love her curls and I think Kari would take good care of them.
Yum, a bath water tea party! Why wasn't I invited!?

Wendy said...

How cute! My little one is 19 months and no haircut yet. She's got some curlies, but not as much as her!

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