Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To Do This October

Sheesh! Almost a week into the month and I'd forgotten all about posting my to do list. To update you on last month, I'm an epic fail. Well, moderately epic anyway. My goals were to exercise (I used the Just Dance game on the Wii once), make some crafty projects (I did make two dresses for Charlotte, hence the "moderately" part), and majorly crapped out of taking more photos. But enough looking back... let's see the plan for this month:

Get moving. We're scheduled to close on our current house in mid-November and need to get cracking on packing things up to be stored. We likely won't rent the storage pod until early November, but I want to make major headway on putting things in boxes before then. While I tend to do my best work at the last minute, I don't want to be stressing on our last few nights here.

Get crafty. I did fairly well on this last month and want to keep it up. I already have plans to make a stroller bag that turns into a messenger bag (I'll share the great tutorial I found with you once I try it out myself). And we'll need to make t-shirts for our upcoming Disney trip. I mean, topping what we did last year will be no easy feat:

We went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party as the cast of the Imagination Movers, for anyone who isn't current on their kids tv programming.

Get snap-happy. I failed ridiculously in this area last month. And I mean ridiculously. I save my photos on the computer with a folder for each month and day. September has two measly folders in it. Pathetic I know. But with fall colors, Disney World and Halloween, there's bound to be tons of good photo-taking opportunities!

And that's the plan. Don't you like how I stacked the deck? I mean, two of the three things will be impossible not to do with our vacation plans. Feel free to do the same with your to do list!


marie said...

Why don't you come and stack the deck for my to do list.....I feel like it's an uphill battle right now!

Love those WDW shirts. I can't wait to see how this year's shirts turn out.

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