Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dream Space

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to decorate my home (laughable for those who have seen my home and its lack of style, I know). I've been keeping a separate blog (Droolworthy Decor) that I've been saving loads of inspirational photos into. But it's sat without a new addition for quite some time because I don't think a lot of the stuff there is really reflective of where I want to go with our house's style as of late. I've found it hard to pinpoint what kind of look I want my house to have, and found it even more difficult to explain that style to others. Until now.

Danielle Thompson just shared a tour of her house and I love it. Now, I wouldn't want to go quite this vintage, but the overall feel is exactly what I'm looking for. Dial back the kitsch (which is not a put-down, I search for "kitsch" on etsy all the time) about 12 notches and you'll get what I want.

Here's her master bedroom, which has a bright, bold quilt that is sorta like the one we bought a while back.

And the big-eyed girl prints over her dresser are eerily similar to a set I couldn't keep myself from picking up back in February.

And how cute would some fabric clouds be in Charlotte's room?

So to anyone who is looking to get me something in the near future (ahemcoughcoughihaveabirthdaycomingupsoonhusbandofminecoughcough), this is what I'm loving now.

P.S. While Droolworthy Decor hasn't been updated in a while, Potential Projects has. Go check it out!


marie said...

Wow - that is a very similar look, isn't it. I like how your tasted have evolved. This is a great look and I think it's a timeless one too!

PS. Love getting birthday ideas!

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