Friday, October 8, 2010

Dressing Up

I enrolled in the Small Crafts class that I first mentioned over a month ago. Not every craft is for me, but I've really enjoyed it thus far. It's great fun to see what these two super-talented ladies come up with! This dress I made for Charlotte is a take on one of Rachel's tutorials.

Her's doesn't have the panel with the ruffle going down the center. That was necessary on mine because even though I really loved the brown toadstool fabric and wanted the entire dress to be made from it, I only had a fat quarter's worth of it and that definitely wasn't going to be enough. So I hacked her pattern and was able to make this using that brown toadstool fat quarter plus an orange floral fat quarter. And I have very little fabric left over!

My work hours haven't been cooperating, so while Charlotte has worn the dress, it's never been during times where I could get good photos of her in it. Maybe over the weekend. It'd be perfect over a white tee with her wannabe Ugg boots at the pumpkin patch.

P.S. Let's not even discuss how many hours it spent to make this thing, mostly because of where I deviated from Rachel's plan. Suffice it to say, I don't really think very far ahead on these projects.

P.P.S. Can we also ignore the crappy photography and poor attempts at making color adjustments in Photoshop. We can? Great!


marie said...

This dress is adorable! Great job Katie. I can't wait to see Charlotte wear it!!

Scrap for Joy said...

I just asked Marie to show us a picture with the body inside...I came here hoping to see Charlotte modeling. You did a great job modifying it Katie...the ruffle is really cute, and I'm sure the colors look super cute on her.

Jacqi said...

I hope you are making Penelope's Christmas present - based on this I will really like them. 'Cause, my goodness, these kids don't need any more toys.

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