Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trim It Up

Well, Charlotte has officially reached another milestone - her first haircut. On Tuesday evening our trio (she, Mark and I) headed off so that the pair of us (she and I) could get haircuts. I, of course, snagged some before shots:

Such a cute little monkey, but with some haphazard curls that go every direction. That definitely won't do with a Disney World trip around the corner! And just so you know what I'm working with, here's what happens when you ask her to look at the camera:

Ugh. But off to the haircutter's we went. We thought she'd be difficult to handle (especially given how crazy she was in the waiting area), but she did just fine. As long as she was in daddy's lap. And didn't have to wear a cape. And could see herself in the mirror.

We got what is quite possibily our best family photo in a while, complete with Charlotte's finger in her nose, Mark's head blocking half his face (weird, right?!) and me hidden behind the camera.

My favorite part (besides the big 'fro of course) was when she realized she could make faces at herself in the mirror.

She was quite the little angel, saying thank you without prompting after her cut was done. We're headed to the pumpkin patch this weekend, so check back next week for photos of her new do!

P.S. Happy Birthday Regina!! (All the other twigas should pretend they didn't hear that, in case I forget to mention someone else's birthday somewhere down the line.)


Jo said...

I love the funny face shots and the 'fro. She's too cute!

marie said...

Love the post - the family picture is excellent! It cracked me up when she started making the faces ~ what a character!

Mandy said...

I totally agree that she needed her hair shaped up a bit and I knew Kari would do a great job.

The faces she makes are hilarious. I particularly like the one with the pouty lips.

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