Friday, October 15, 2010

30 Before Thirty

For the past several months I've been following along as Nicole over at Making It Lovely crosses item after item off her list of things to do before turning 30. Val (In the Meantime) did a similar list, having 28 goals to accomplish in her 28th year. Since I'm about to turn 29, I figured I'll need to make my list now if I'm ever going to be as successful as they've been! So, without further ado, here's my list of things to accomplish before I hit the big three-oh:

1. Decorate for holidays other than just Christmas.
2. Make a quilt.
3. Enroll Charlotte in gymnastics/dance.
4. Learn more about Photoshop Elements.
5. Watch all the year's Oscar Best Picture nominees.
6. Learn to crochet.
7. Sew a costume for Charlotte.
8. Learn to cook a good steak.
9. Have family photos taken.
10. Teach Charlotte to swim.
11. Get a shared room (i.e. not a bedroom) decorated the way I like.
12. Organize all our bills and important documents.
13. Make dessert more often.
14. Vacation somewhere other than Disney World.
15. Learn to style my hair in different ways.
16. Complete a craft with Charlotte at least monthly.
17. Attend church regularly.
18. Improve my photography.
19. Lose at least 30 pounds.
20. Have a date night with Mark at least once a month.
21. Take Charlotte to Sesame Place.
22. Reduce my reliance on paper towels.
23. Build something from scratch.
24. Host a party at our new house.
25. Take walks as a family.
26. Read every book club book.
27. Revamp a piece of furniture with paint.
28. Organize my photos.
29. Prepare dinners regularly.
30. Use produce from my own garden.

I'll be crossing items of the list as this accomplished in this same post, and may (or may not) create separate posts about how I'm faring with each goal. I encourage you to make a similar list for whatever age you're approaching!


Valser said...


I know how to crochet, if you want to learn how!

Jo said...

Good luck with the list! For the photoshop one, there's about a million how-to videos and tutorials on how to do things. Photoshop Elements isn't a hard program to learn, so that should be an easy one to cross off.

Shelley said...

I really like this idea. How cool!! :)

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