Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I was digging around, looking for some Thanksgiving-related quotes and found these:

Not the lovey-dovey sayings you were expecting right? Me neither. But reading them really sent a shock through me about how little I express my gratitude to people in my life. Particularly to the women who make it so wonderful.

I'm grateful to be surrounded by a group of friends who pray for me and my family, even though I haven't made it to our Bible study in months. Friends who buy rings for my little girl, just because. And who take her for early morning walks to get chocolate milk and look at slugs.

I'm grateful to have a nanny that loves my little girl like she was her own. A nanny who never complains about sticking around if Mark and I are running late. A nanny who tidied my house and entertained my daughter while the house was on the market. And who teaches Charlotte to say please and thank you.

I'm grateful to have sisters-in-law who are always thinking of us. Who fill in as babysitter at a moment's notice. Who step up as family photographer for every special event. Who wrangle all the children during family gatherings. Who pass tons of cute girl clothes my way.

I'm grateful to have a sister who is also my best friend. Who I get to hang out with at work and at home. Who gave up half her room (ok, a little more than half) so my family would have a place to stay for a while. Who is quick to pick up Starbucks for me and paint my little one's nails.

And I'm grateful to have a mom who is a fantastic role model. Who doles out advice with nothing but the best in mind. Who takes pictures of Charlotte even when I forget to. Who spends hours trying to get her to bed when I can't deal anymore. And who always puts her children before herself.

I'm beyond blessed.


marie said...

I'm grateful for a daughter who took the time to write such a lovely post.

A tear producing post....guess I shouldn't have read it at work! : )

I'm also grateful for all those other women in your life ~ treasures every one!

Love you Katie!

Rhea Sunshine :) said...

*like* :)

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