Monday, November 29, 2010

Kitschy Calendars

I mentioned a while back that I'm going to showcase my love for vintage, kitschy decor when we move into our new place. One of my latest additions to the stockpile of items I've been collecting are these old perfectly aged fabric calendars.

The 1975 one (Mark's birth year) is my most recent Etsy purchase, from DollFood. The 1981 one (for my birth year) was a gift from my mom, from another Etsy seller. It's hard to see from the full length shots, but they're both accented with sequins.

A little kooky, I know. Certainly not everyone's cup of tea. But they've got a great vintage look and fun, bright colors. And they sparkle, and everyone knows that sparkles are the new black (name that children's tv show reference)! I plan to hang them in our dining area, front and center on the wall behind the dining room table. Now just to find a couple other things to put with them...


marie said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing how you decorate the new place ~ I think it's going to be very fun!

Jo said...

Love them! We had one when I was growing up... I don't remember what year it was though, I'll have to ask my mom. BTW, the other day when you said the thing about the new black I thought you made it up... until I saw the show the next day. :-)

But anyway, I think the calendars will be a wonderful addition to your dining room decor.

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