Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shopping Abroad

I am super lucky to have a mother-in-law who lives in England. Not because she's more than 3000 miles away (not at all, I quite enjoy her company actually), but because it expands my purchasing power. I love all the cute kids clothes available at shops local to her and put in my requests a couple times a year. Take a look at Charlotte's dress for this Christmas:

Cute, right?! And while it doesn't look it in the picture, the dress is actually a lovely shade of crimson, which the velvet sash matches perfectly. Paired with a cream sweater and tights and her new black patent leather dresses shoes (with a whopping one inch heel that she looooves), she's going to look adorable.

Do you have any favorite overseas stores? Or maybe not overseas, but just not local?


sara said...

You are so lucky! My brother in law is British and his family is always sending my niece the cutest stuff!

marie said...

Charlotte is going to look like royalty in this!! : )

Libbie said...

Now that IS lucky!!! What a cute dress!!! You are rihght sh ewill be just adorable!!!! I can't wait to see Charolette in it!!!

Jo said...

She will looks so cute in that outfit! Great find.

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