Thursday, December 23, 2010

Taste Test

I love Etsy, as my slew of posts about it has made evident. But sometimes the sheer volume of greatness to be found there is a little overwhelming. So I was super excited to stumble upon the Etsy Taste Test. Just for choosing some items I like from different groupings, I was rewarded with a list of loads of recommendations (way more than pictured here). They're all awesome!

Check out the permalink for my recommendations here. Or better yet, go take the test and come share the link for yours!


sara said...

Oh how I love Etsy. But you're right, I get so overwhelmed. I'll have to try this taste test out!

Just say Julie said...

I love this about etsy. I also found out that it will recommend gifts for your friends based on their likes on facebook. It came in pretty handy this Christmas!

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