Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cyber Decorating

With our family still living in half a basement (thanks again Mandy!) we've skipped Christmas decorating this year. Don't worry though... my mom still has her plastic tree up, so we're not missing any of the Christmas feeling. And while I do wish that I'd been able to do a little decorating of my own, especially now that I have a mantle, there's been no time since we just closed on our new place last Friday. So for right now I'm content to just peruse through some of the great rooms showcased online. Here's a few I'm loving:

Love the ridiculous amount of lights on that tree and the bright and cool vibe! (Source: BHG)

I'll be on the hunt for a white tree on Boxing Day. Love it and the little scene atop the red cabinet. (Source: Smile and Wave)

Danielle describes this scene as "Candy Coated Christmas" and I think it's super cute! Now just to find some of those awesome stockings! (Source: Thompson Family Life)

Such a fun way to display cards, and easy to repurpose from an existing vignette. (Source: Canadian House & Home)

I'm loving this more traditional take on holiday decorating, especially the Santa art over the mantle that Katie made herself. (Source: Bower Power)

So is your Christmas decorating all done, or are you like me and just enjoying the decor from afar?


sara said...

Great I have a million other things I want to make/do! There's not enough time for all this crafty goodness!!

Katie Bower said...

Aww thanks Katie for the link love...what an honor to be included :)
xo - kb

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