Thursday, January 13, 2011

Car Woes

The big ticket purchases are just piling up around our house. Our new stove arrived yesterday and while we still have plans to get a new couch (thanks to a generous gift from Mark's mum), the most pressing issue is now for a car. Mark's 2001 (or maybe 2002, I can never remember) Saturn has over 150k miles on it and is at the end of its rope. After the $1100 repair bill that we forked over last month, being hit with the knowledge that it now needs a new transmission, to the tune of $2500+ has us heading the car dealership.

Our car purchasing plan had always been to only have a single car payment at a time. Our last car was purchased in May 2008, just after Charlotte was born, so this new purchase is coming 2.5 years early. And right on the back of an increase to our monthly mortgage payment. I'm not sure where we'll come up with the extra funds for another monthly payment, but we'll have to figure it out as Mark's job, while easily accessible via public transportation, requires that he has access to a vehicle at all times. Mine doesn't require access to a vehicle at all, but isn't accessible via public transportation.

His car is still driveable right now and we'll run it to the ground while searching out options. What do you suggest? Any cars you love/hate? Any great deals going on now that we should be aware of?


Jo said...

When it rains, it pours... I'm sure God will bless you with the extra money somehow. He has always come through for us in various ways. As for cars brands/models, everyone has a different preference. I like foreign cars, Toyota and Honda especially. My sister has had two older Hondas. They seem to last forever. The only reason she had to get a "new" one is because the first one was totalled in an accident. But good luck on your car search! I hope you find some great deals.

Just as an aside, I would suggest visiting Carmax, cause when we were looking at cars they had the best prices and it's no haggle, so you know pretty much exactly what you're paying when all is said and done.

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