Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Peanut Butter

It's been brought to my attention (hi mom!) that I haven't been posting pictures of the kidlet often enough. I have an excuse, perhaps not a very good one, but an excuse nonetheless. My desktop is still packed away in a box somewhere. It contains most of my pictures. My laptop, with its limited number of photos on it, is out and available, but I currently don't have internet at home (blogging from work=good times). So it's been difficult to post photos. But, here are a few that Jacqi sent my way back when Christine was on maternity leave and she was watching Charlotte each day.

Yeah. The girl loves some peanut butter. Loves it more than Nutella even, which is almost unforgivable. But she's cute, so I like her anyway.


Jo said...

I love her expression in the last picture.

marie said...

I love that last shot too! Such a cute girl!!

Jacqi said...

I miss her.

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