Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Little Bubbly

Prior to Oliver being born, Charlotte took baths during the day. Christine would lather her up right in the kitchen sink. But with a newborn to tend to, and a toddler who is definitely too big for the kitchen sink, we figured daytime bathing needed to become a thing of the past. And even though it sometimes feels like it's just one more task crammed into an already busy evening, I usually really enjoy this special time that Chuckles and I get to spend together. Save for the occasions when she convinces me to get into the tub with her (sorry for that mental picture!).

On weekends the baths usually happen earlier in the day, which is when I snapped these photos. She requires a lot of bubbles and her favorite toys - bath crayons and plastic princesses.

Don't worry, I have the uncensored version of that derriere photo saved in triplicate. You know, to show future boyfriends.

These last two photos are some of my favorites from the past few months. Even though C isn't in them, they really speak to where we're at in life right now. A messy, but sun-filled bathroom (thanks to the skylight in our new place) with lots of cheery toys.


marie said...

I like the sunlight peeking into your bathroom - makes me want to knock out a hole in my roof!

The "hand on the hips" cracks me up ~ and really, everyone needs some princesses in their tub!

Jo said...

I love the natural light in the bathroom. Makes it feel summery when it's cold outside.

sara said...

The bumper picture is classic! We have a few of those saved up for when Pie starts dating too!!

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