Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shopping & Storage

Last weekend was extra long for me thanks to having Friday off work, and I spent a good chunk of that morning shopping. The Old Navy near me just became an outlet store and was celebrating with 40% all the kids clothes. I snagged everything pictured below (plus some khaki capris and a pair of sunglasses) for just under $100.
Not too shabby! And FYI - it looks like they're running a good online sale now, in case you don't have a store near you.

Afterwards, I spent a little time working on my to do list. I managed to cross off "install vanity storage drawers."

I started with a cardboard box holding all my extra toiletries. Stylish, I know. But with about $35 worth of shelving and 20 minutes time, I wound up with two pull out drawers of storage space.

And for anyone looking to do something similar, my shelving came from Home Depot. It's made by ClosetMaid and is item #3608.

Have you gotten any house-related stuff done lately? Or hit any good sales?


marie said...

Hmmm...I like these shelves. Maybe I'll try them too.
Great buys for Ms. "C" - love the grey jeans and the yellow tennis shoes.

Jo said...

Awesome buys at Old Navy. I love the black polka dot skirt and the yellow shoes... and pretty much everything. :-) That's also a cool shelf for underneath the sink.

We haven't done anything around the house, except for decorating some of Elijah's room (which I really should blog about). We did hit up a good sale though. Carters is having an awesome clearance sale right now on winter stuff and with it still being cold out we bought Elijah a few PJ sets and a couple long sleeve shirts. We also got the new baby a neutral color sleeper. Our total, with tax, was only $24. :-) So, if you're still looking for more clothes for Charlotte, you might want to hit up Carters.

sara said...

No, but that's my plan for this weekend. Pie is going to hang out with Grappy and Poppy and I'm attacking my house with a vengence!

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