Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whole House To Do List

John & Sherry over at Young House Love created a to do list for their entire place and that's inspired me to do the same. I figure this will help me see the big picture and not overlook little things that can be accomplished together. You know, like touching up the master bedroom trim at the same time we repaint a bedroom door, since the colors are the same. So, here's the master plan for what we want to accomplish:

* Get a new stove
* Paint the walls
* Remove wallpaper border
* Remove gallery rail
* Remove light fixture over the sink
* Remove drapes (they removed themselves when they fell down one day)
* Replace switches and outlet covers
* Replace countertops(???)
* Replace sink(???) and faucet
* Replace backsplash (???)

* Remove wallpaper
* Paint the walls
* Set up storage unit
* Set up table and chairs
* Replace light fixture
* Replace switches and outlet covers
* Fix french door curtains
* Remove folding door
* Buy/build dutch door

* Paint the walls
* Replace the curtains
* Buy a couch and rug
* Buy a floor lamp
* Disguise window on front door
* Create "mudroom" area
* Paint/replace ceiling fan (decided to leave as is)

* Prime and paint the walls
* Touch up trim
* Make and hang curtains
* Paint/replace ceiling fan
* Replace switches and outlet covers
* Make headboard
* Hang closet doors/curtains
* Replace dresser knobs
* Swap and paint bedroom doors

* Paint the walls
* Replace ceiling fan
* Replace dresser knobs
* Hang window treatments

* Swap and paint bedroom doors
* Go through boxes

* Paint the walls
* Hang shower curtain
* Paint vanity
* Install vanity storage drawers
* Paint/replace wall storage

* Replace light fixtures
* Replace window treatments
* Repair paneling on stairs

* Set up storage shelves
* Go through boxes

* Paint stucco
* Catalog plants
* Remove excess stone/mulch from front yard
* Remove excess mulch from side of sunroom
* Replace house number

I created this list a while back (hence the items that are already crossed off) and have been adding to it regularly. Some rooms I haven't even begun to make lists for (laundry room, half bath, sunroom, etc) and it goes without saying that actually decorating the rooms needs to be included on the list as well. So this is a working list to be sure, but has plenty of items to keep me busy. Now to just decide where to start...


marie said...

Sure sounds like you're going to be busy! But it will be fun to make that cute little house your very own!

sara said...

I need to do this too! There's so much that needs to get done and I tend to forget things :D

Jo said...

Sounds like a good list. I'm sure everything will get done in no time. :-)

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