Monday, February 14, 2011

This Week's Menu {Feb 14}

Last week didn't go exactly as planned - we got a little off track over the weekend when we decided to do some painting (pictures of that to come), but we're hoping this week will go a little better. Here's the plan:

Monday - Pizza (don't worry, it'll be Valentine's Day themed --- see below)
Tuesday - Rotisserie Chicken
Wednesday - Beef & Broccoli
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Frittata
Saturday - Baked Potatoes & Salad

I feel like I'm quickly coming to the end of my cooking repertoire (pathetic, I know). Any recommendations for recipes that I can add to my list?


Jo said...
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Jo said...

Sounds like a good list. Love the pepperoni hearts!

A lot of stuff we cook is prepackaged/frozen/ready to heat and eat, but here goes it.

Meatball subs
the Dill Salmon from your mom's blog
Fish fillets (from the frozen section)
Lasagna (from the frozen section)
Hamburger Helper (healthy, I know)
Tacos/Taco salad
Baked Chicken breast (super easy, just pull a frozen chicken breast out of the freezer put whatever spices you want on it (can be different for each person, if need be) and cook for approx an hour depending on how big the chicken breasts are)
Whole baked Chicken
Steak (if we happen to find it on sale)
Ham steaks
Chili (Either your dad's way or using the freeze-dried bags we found in the soup aisle at the market. All you need to add is water)
Minestrone soup (from the freeze-dried bag)
Chicken Quesadillas

For sides we use a lot of same things... Rice, egg noodles, mac and cheese, augratin potatoes, etc. And then either a frozen or canned veggie.
Also, we do frozen pizzas a LOT, but since that is already on your list didn't want to add it.

When we get in a "we always make the same things" funk, we end up just going down the freezer aisle with the dinners in it and either get ideas or find stuff that sounds good and we would like to try. We have found some good and not so good dinners that way.

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