Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yay Mickey

Neither Mark or I grew up with a video camera and we rarely remember that we actually own one. Consequently the footage we have of Charlotte is limited. Thankfully, my mom's been gently urging nagging me to take some videos of her. My videography skills are lacking, and you'll have to sit through boring stuff since the funny bits are toward the end, but here you go. Our little dancing and singing machine.

First up, wiggling and the Lion King.

And, a little love for Mickey.

Hopefully you get to view these videos with her one day, because that's a treat. She mirrors herself the whole way through, even anticipating the faces she's going to make. Too funny!!


Jo said...

Aww, I love the videos. I especially love when she's looking at herself making the faces in the camera. Her dance moves in the first video are awesome too! I'll have to show these to Elijah when I get home later. I hope you post more soon, they are really enjoyable!

marie said...

Yippee ~ the "nagging" worked! Very cute videos! That baby has some moves. I'm worn out from watching.

Mandy said...

I agree that everyone should have the opportunity to watch them with Charlotte. It's even funnier that way.

And I LOVE the interpretive dancing to the Lion King. I especially like the part where she almost does a leaping turn. It's very Rod Kimble punch dancing out his rage in Hot Rod.

Her Momma said...

oh my! i loooooove daddy's participation! i can't WAIT to see my husband participate with all the dancing and marching and stuff! :D

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