Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Big Day

My mom has been suffering with a bad knee (and a resulting bad hip) for a long time now. After her last few cortisone shots stopped having much effect, she finally heeded her doctor's advice and scheduled the surgery. And that day has now arrived. Please keep her in your prayers - that the surgery goes smoothly and that she's able to keep up with the grueling exercises that she'll need to do for weeks afterward.


sara said...

Sending lots and lots of good thoughts

Danielle said...

My mother in law had this surgery done before Thanksgiving. It has been remarkable to see how much it has transformed her life. Within a week or so of the surgery she already reported that she was in less pain than she was beforehand. Now, several months later, she just finished up a 3 week trip to Hawaii where she was able to do some light hiking for the first time in years.

Hope your mom recovers quickly and has as good of outcomes as my mother-in-law did.

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