Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Valentine Crafting

Last month Charlotte and I worked on some crafts with a Valentine theme. You know, cause I like to go with the obvious. First up was a heart matching game. I cut out some hearts and wrote the numbers 1 through 10 on the left side of them.

Charlotte and I then sat down at the table and worked on counting, as we placed the corresponding number of stickers on the right side of each heart. Charlotte loves stickers and can hardly contain her excitement (contrary to what the solemn looks I captured in the photos would have you believe) any time she is near them, so this was also an exercise of self-control on her part. It worked out well. I only had to peel a few extra stickers off!

After getting all the stickers on, I cut the halves of the hearts apart, and we used them as a matching game. Charlotte found this bit decidedly less exciting than the actual stickering (hence no photos with her in them), but we've saved them for later, hoping she'll be more interested as she gets older.

Later on in the month we decided to make some Valentine's Day treats. Time got away from me, so they never really got finished, but they're a good idea for next Valentine's Day, or party decor if you've got one coming up. You simply fold three cupcake liners into quarters and punch a hole near the point. Then punch a hole in the center of an unfolded liner, layer them all together with the holes lined up, and stick a lollipop through the hole. You can use a pipe cleaner to keep everything in place (this is what we did) or follow Skip to My Lou's directions and make your own leaves.

To be honest, Charlotte wasn't much help with this craft. It was just beyond her ability, which I knew before we even got started. She did a good job at consuming lollipops though!

Did you do any Valentine's Day related crafts last month? Or have any ideas you want to share for this month?


sara said...

Such cute ideas! I can't wait for Pie to be old enough for crafting.

marie said...

Love the heart/sticker craft...she'll have fun with that later on. The wet curls look really cute especially in the second photo with the cheesy grin!

I think I'm going to try some of the cupcake liner flowers ~ they'd look good using the patterned liners too!

Jo said...

Yeah, she will probably have more fun with the matching game later this year or next year.

TFS your crafts. The lollipop one looks easy and fun. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day, so we didn't do anything for it. However for Easter there are going to be lots of crafts to do, so we'll make up for it. :-)

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