Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Mark and I are pretty fortunate that whenever Christine is out of town we have a back-up babysitter in Jacqi. And Charlotte's fortunate that, as a result, she gets to spend some quality time with her cousin. They get to share in all sorts of experiences - everything from playing with Jacqi's foot spa and turning lights on and off to jumping on furniture and getting tandem diaper changes. Yup. Tandem diaper changes. Check it out:

Unfortunately, Charlotte is still wearing a diaper (well, a pullup) as she's not the least bit interested in potty training. Slowly but surely... right?!?


marie said...

You are fortunate! Charlotte AND Penelope are as well. I hope they have a great time this week.

Cute photo!

sara said...

All those little feet in the it!

Jo said...

They are fortunate to be so close to each other. Love the photo... what a shot!

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