Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Master Grey

I promised to share some photos of the painting we've been doing and I (almost) always keep my promises. So here I am, ready to show some photos of our freshly painted master bedroom.

But first... the before.

Here you see what I like to call "a sad attempt at Olive Garden." Yup, the previous owner had someone paint her bedroom to look just like the place. Don't get me wrong, I like it for its salad and breadsticks, but as residential decor, not so much.

The before is made even worse by the fact that it was poorly done. There were huge splotches of green paint (meant to look like moss), not to mention vines and grape bunches. Ick.

But here's a peek at the new look.

We painted the walls in Glidden's Smooth Stone, color-matched to Behr Satin paint. I love it! In our room it reads as a true grey. Not too dark, but still saturated enough to stand out from the white furniture and baseboards.

So far, all that's in place is our crazy quilt and the dressers, but more is coming soon. I'm finishing up our drapes and will start hanging art on the walls after that. Yay for some tiny bit of progress!

What do you think?


Anna said...

that is a really nice gray. Your bedroom looks nice and peaceful now, a lot better than the Olive Garden look :)

Jo said...

Looks wonderful! The gray goes awesomely with that quilt and the brown furniture. Can't wait to see the curtains. This post reminds me I have to take after pictures of Elijah's bedroom... Thanks for the in-direct reminder. :-)

Libbie said...

Okay that Olive Garden totally cracked me up! When ew bought our house our bedroom looked much the orangy rag job...& it had to go FAST!!! LOVE the gray! & that crazy quilt looks pretty cool in there to add a color splash! Lookin' good!

Libbie said...

P.S. I totally thought I was already follwing you! I am now!!! I always enjoy my visits!!!

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