Monday, March 14, 2011

This Week's Menu {Mar 14} + Pi(e)

Last week got a little messed up toward the end, mainly because we opted to visit my mom in the hospital instead of eating at home. That and laziness. But I'm feeling amped up to get things right this week. Here's the plan:

Monday - Pork Chops & Rice Skillet
Tuesday - Minestrone
Wednesday - Chicken Tacos with Salsa Rice
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Spaghetti
Saturday - Baked Potatoes & Salad

In honor of Pi Day we'll be having some pie at 1:59pm. You know, pie on 3/14 at 1:59 (3.14159). Do you plan to take part too?

Photo Credit: Steve Buchanan's flickr


Jo said...

Mmm, the chicken tacos with salsa rice sounds super yummy. Happy Pi day! Pie is one of my favorite things to eat, but I'm trying to be good, so there will be no pie eating today. :-\

sara said...

I should given my love of Pie. Heh.

marie said...

I love pie ~ but at 1:59 PM I was recovering from a very tiring PT appt...

Oh but pie really sounds yummy and that photo is big time fun!

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