Monday, March 7, 2011

This Week's Menu {Mar 7} + A Question

Last week went really well! I even managed to make the berry cobbler that I mentioned a few weeks ago (it was good, just needed more sugar) and banana bread for the coming week. Fingers crossed that this week goes as planned too:

Monday - Unstuffed Cabbage
Tuesday - Muffin Tin Frittata
Wednesday - Leftovers
Thursday - Red Brick Station
Friday - Pork Chops & Rice Skillet
Saturday - Minestrone Soup

And now, for the question... do you coupon?

We've used them a few times before, when we happened to notice some for items that we regularly purchase, but I've never spent much time searching out coupons with any regularity because the savings for me has always been pretty small. So, what about you? Are you able to save some dough by clipping coupons? If so, where do you find them? In the paper? Online? Do tell.

Photo Credit: StuffNThings' Flickr


sara said...

I've seen some of those extreme coupon shows where the person pays like $3.00 for all of their groceries, but I've never gotten involved. It seems like way more work than the payoff you get.

Jo said...

I'm with Sara. We don't coupon just because my time is worth more than the coupons I would get. If we happen to see them or are handed one and it's something we are already going to buy then we do that, but we don't seek them out.

Like we were saying yesterday, to save money we shop almost exclusively at Walmart SuperCenter and have seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of money we spend in groceries there, as compared to anywhere else. I mean where else can you buy $2 boxes of name brand breakfast cereal? :-)

marie said...

No coupons for me. If I clipped them Dad would make me go to the grocery store....I much prefer the shopping arrangement as it is. : ) So you guys are welcome to my coupons anytime!

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