Thursday, April 7, 2011


Charlotte regularly helps out with vacuuming the family room. She has her own little vacuum. We turn it on and direct her where to use it and just let her go to town.

Most of the time she's too fast to photograph (given the light conditions in our house in the evening), but she was moving slower than normal this particular day. I was glad to be able to snag a couple shots of the cuteness that are close to being in focus.

Looking at the photos got me thinking about her other "chores". Currently she cleans up her toys, clears the dining table and helps get drinks for her, Mark and I at dinnertime. Oh, and she separates the laundry by color.

I have no clue if that's typical for her age (almost 3) or if I should be adding more to her list of to dos. What does/did your toddler do in terms of chores?


Jo said...

I think that is a good list, especially if she enjoys doing those things... but that's coming from a mom who only makes her son help clean up his toys. He doesn't help with the laundry or getting dinner together, mostly because I'm selfish and find it's easier/takes less time when he doesn't.

After the baby is born I think I will ask him to do more, but for right now I want him to be able to enjoy being a kid... Plus I'm not ready to dish out an allowance anytime soon. :-)

marie said...

Great bunch of chores ~ I'll bet she loves doing them all!

Jacqi said...

Penelope likes to clean, I don't know where she got that from. LOL - I think she just likes to copy - and although my house doesn't look like it - I actually spend a good chunk of time every day doing some type of cleaning/chores.

Jacqi said...
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