Thursday, April 21, 2011


Last week I was reading my favorite blog and learned that Ashley's one year old daughter had broken her femur. Having a little one myself, it hurt in my gut to think about such a tiny body having to deal with all that pain. And then having to deal with being cooped up in a bed for a few weeks, following by every more weeks in a body cast. My heart just ached for her.

Charlotte happened to be with me as I looked at the post and because she just saw Gramma in the hospital with her knee all bandaged, she immediately knew that Ashley's Firecracker had a booboo. Because Gramma got balloons she said Firecracker needed some too. Such sweetness. When I explained that she was hurt very badly and would have to stay in her bed for a very long time, Charlotte looked at the Mr. Potato Head pieces she was playing with, and then she looked up at me and said, "She want Potato Heads?"

Selflessness can be rare in a toddler, so Mark and I are doing our best to encourage it whenever we can. We thought this the perfect opportunity to remind Charlotte that she needs to always look out for those that are hurting. So we spent an afternoon painting balloons to send off to a hurting little girl who we don't even know.

After our art time we went out and bought a few new Potato Heads to package up with her painting. And then we grabbed a few spare parts from Charlotte's bin (of which there are an obscene amount) to send as well.

Now Ashley will be the first to tell you that there are other children hurting worse than Firecracker is, who aren't getting the love and care that she is. That's true. And I think this is a good starting point for Charlotte to realize that. This weekend Mark and I plan to sit down with Charlotte and together as a family choose a child to sponsor. I think it will be great for her to make more artwork and eventually write letters to a child overseas who is far less fortunate than she is. Our organization of choice is Compassion, but there are others that do similar work. If you haven't already, please consider sponsoring a child. How amazing it is to know that you could literally be saving a life!


AshleyAnn said...

Oh my goodness this makes me happy on so many levels...thank you!

Anonymous said...

So sweet!

Anonymous said...

wow, that is beautiful :)

Mirys + Guigo + Nina said...

Dear Charlote:

You are a amazing little girl, you know???
A lot of people (all around the world) are proud of you and your parents!

May God keep you all that way! I know that me and my kids don´t know your family... but you all will be remembered in our praying time at nights.

Happy Easter!
Kisses and blessings.
from Brazil

PS: Katie - what a wonderful exemple you are leaving for your child! Congratulations!

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