Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Progress in the Living Room

I'm happy to say that we made some progress on the homefront over the weekend, helped by the fact that my weekend was 4 days long (wahoo!!). We finally crossed painting the living room off our to do list and even started in on the kitchen.

Here's how the room looked when the prior owner lived in it:

And here's where we're at right now:

We painted the walls in Behr's Valley Mist (the same color we're using in the dining area and kitchen) and bought a new sofa. Initially we'd placed the sofa right in front of the window, but when we saw the tree in our front yard start to bloom, we realized the sofa needed to be positioned in such a way that we'd get a good view.

Beautiful, right?! Now, we're still far from the collected, slightly kitschy vintage look I'm going for, but at least the furniture is in place. Next up for this room are curtains, artwork and accessories (Charlotte' arrangement on the hutch isn't cutting it). I also have to decide what color to repaint the coffee table. It was a Goodwill find and needs a fresh coat. The safe me thinks I should go for white, to help lighten the brown of the hutch, but the more daring me wonders if red is the way to go - like in my inspiration room. What do you think?

And just cause the armchair in the corner makes me happy, a closeup:


marie said...

Love the coffee table - what a great find! It definitely needs to be a colr other than white. Maybe red....maybe teal?

I want the tree!

Jo said...

Looks like a great start! I have no idea what to suggest for the color of the coffee table. I think I would have to pull up Photoshop or some similar program and get an idea of what it would look like, first. I think that type of table would be very interesting looking in red. Maybe if you did an off white or a "cracked" white, since it looks like an older table... Then add the color with flowers or some sort of decoration on top of the table.

One of the blogs I follow did this with a coffee table find:
That might be cool to do.

BTW, the tree in the front of your house is very beautiful. Hope you get everything done that you have set out to do, in the time you want to do it. :-)

Anna said...

the room looks so warm and cozy, the color you picked for the walls really complements the dark hutch.

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