Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Charlotte loves the fun that our little court offers. There's a boy just a few months younger than her that lives right next door. Two houses the other direction live another boy, age 7, and a girl, age 9. All four of the kids love to play together. They can be found running around with squirt guns, bubbles, or, more often than not, light sabers, a few times each week. And Mark is usually the "adult" in charge.

On this particular day, she ran inside to announce to me that her clothes were all wet (from the squirt guns). She was so proud of that, until she realized that her hair was pretty wet too!

She got over that pretty quickly because Mark said he knew a good way to get the water out of it.

I hesitate to post photos of all the kids together because I don't know how their parents would feel about that. I guess I'll have to ask since they're bound to be in tons of her party photos (just 4 days to go). But whether their faces appear here or not, I appreciate having them around. I've long worried that Charlotte doesn't have enough interaction with other kids. That her little life was spent with just adults. But moving here has changed all that. And I'm incredibly grateful.


marie said...

She looks so proud of herself....and then that "oh no" face! Too funny.

I love the hair dryer!

Jo said...

I love that first picture. It's great that she has friends she can play with around the neighborhood.

sara said...

We've just discovered a bunch of kids Pie's age in the houses around us and they all have so much fun together. I'm really glad I overrode my general desire to not meet new people and let her go say hi!

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