Thursday, June 9, 2011

Game Time

Since Charlotte is still just a toddler our family doesn't experience the hustle and bustle that those with school-age kids do this time of year. I look forward to her getting older and being involved in various activities (coughcoughsocceranddancewhethershelikesitornotcough), but I can't imagine running here, there and everywhere to squeeze it all in. Especially when it's as hot out as it has been lately. We actually hit 100 degrees in my neck of the woods yesterday. Seriously?! Triple digits? That is not okay. Luckily this past weekend wasn't so bad. On Friday we headed to our nephew's final soccer game of the season and it was downright beautiful! Here are a few shots of him in action:

I hadn't made it to any of his other games this year (I know, bad aunt), but Mark has been to a bunch. Charlotte even made it to a few. Garen will tell you that he didn't play well, but I think he did great! He's pretty fast, had some great takeaways and is good at making cuts. Is that what they call quickly moving away from the person defending you and into an open area in soccer? I dunno. That's what we called it in lacrosse. But I digress... Charlotte was really good about staying off the field (I worried that she'd try to dash into the game since she loves playing soccer). She was a great little cheerleader!

My job was to take some photos of Garen in action, and I'm happy to say I snagged a few good ones. For the most part I paid very little attention to what was happening off the field, but was delighted when I spied Charlotte mimicing her Uncle Andy as she kept an eye on her cousin. Even down to the crossed arms. Too cute! And then the diva came out:

That hair has a mind of its own!!


marie said...

Great soccer shots!
Love the one of Charlotte and Uncle Andy as well...but the diva shot is my all time, absolute favorite shot of Charlotte! That hair! Those eyes! The crossed arms!
It will keep me smiling all day long!

Mandy said...

I LOVE the diva shot! That is just so her.

Jo said...

Great pics! I also adore the diva shot... so much personality and her hair is particularly awesome in that pic. She reminds me of a runway model, hehe. ;-)

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