Thursday, June 23, 2011

Underwear, Ponytails, Yes & No

We're nearing the end of the month, so I'm back to share some of the small, funny things I want to remember about Miss Chuckles. Here we go:

* We've not yet been successful with potty training. Slowly but surely Charlotte is warming up to the idea of wearing underwear instead of diapers. We know this because she likes to randomly ask people to show them her underwear. Luckily my friends are all aware of our potty training endeavor, otherwise things would be very awkward.

* Charlotte is quite the rocker and really likes our Rock Band game. Occasionally she'll pick up the guitar or the drum sticks, but more often than not she's the singer. She likes to stand on a stool and sing with the mike on the microphone stand. Good thing, cause no one else in this house can carry a tune!

* The past few months have been fun for me because Charlotte has finally been willing to wear her hair in different ways. We'll do pigtails, french braids and barettes, but my favorite, for the summer at least, has to be when her curls are pulled up into a high ponytail. So cute!

* With Brenda here we've been doing a lot of shopping. On one excursion Charlotte spied a toy and a shirt that she wanted to get for Oliver. She was such a big girl and took it to the counter and paid for it herself. When she got up the next morning the first thing she did was run over to grab the bag so she could give him his gifts. Love that she loves him so much!

* While we lived at my parents' house for a few months, Charlotte got into the habit of having coffee (milk with a tiny bit of coffee in it) with Grandpa in the morning. She occasionally asks for it when we visit now. The other day she made him go into his room, get his robe, put it on and tie the belt around his waist. Then she said, "Ok, coffee." Funny that on that particular day he needed to be wearing his robe to get her the coffee.

* Charlotte loves playing the yes-no game in the car. She'll say yes, then I'll say no. Then back and forth again until I finally switch it up and say yes. She pauses for a second to think, but almost always catches the change and adjusts what she says. We go back and forth like this for entire car rides, until Mark can't take it anymore!


marie said...

I love how you're saving all her cute sayings (and doings)! Wish I'd done something similar.

You'll love having these when she's all grown up.

Cute photo today!

Jo said...

Haha, I love the underwear question. That wasn't brought up on Sunday, but Oliver was. That's very sweet of her to think of Oliver when shopping. Such a lil sweetie.

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