Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Don't You Forget About Me

Having been born in 1981 I'm technically a child of the 80s, but wasn't old enough to really experience it full force (save for my love for New Kids on the Block and Paula Abdul back in the day). My friends are younger than me, and so even less knowledgeable about 80s lore. Despite this, my sister and I both love some of the Brat Pack movies and hosted a party to introduce them to our friends. Our "Don't You Forget About Me" slumber party was this past weekend.

We started on Friday evening by watching Sixteen Candles and devouring some cake. I'm happy to say that we created some new Jake Ryan fans. The world can never have too many. All told there were 12 people in attendance. Way too many for my shoe tray to handle!! (Ignore my dirty Nikes in the middle - still muddy from my day of volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.)

Saturday morning we munched on cereal (everyone had to bring a box to share) and watched The Breakfast Club. It was fun to identify what persona we'd have been known as in high school. Or now. A coworker did describe me as Professor Snape the other day, which made me smile. (See the explanation to understand that a little better.)

After a small break for a lunch of Chinese takeout we settled in to see Weird Science, which was hands down the favorite for the guys in our group. No surprise there. And rest assured, our partying was rated PG and we stopped short of actually wearing bras on our head. Thank goodness!

We had a truly fantastic time and I know I for one am thankful to have friends who are still goofy enough to have a sleepover! We're left now to think about what other themed parties we can have. Any ideas?


marie said...

Not a healthy cereal in the line up!
I'm glad you have goofy friends too!

Maybe you could "theme" something around the Ghostbusters and the Marshmallow Man??

Jo said...

Sounds like a fun party! Good idea.

Mandy said...

There is always our idea for the Harry Potter Pajama Party (that would be pajamic interpretations of a character). Maybe you should go as Snape?

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